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Felted Wool Cat Bed Brown
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Cats are naturally attracted by the wool odor. It has also been thought that cats like wool because the odor of lanolin in wool is similar to the odor of the fur around the nipples of the kitten's mother. Can be used indoors or for transportation.
Gently hand wash with lukewarm water or with washing machine "wool" program. Drain the remaining water. Form the sphere with hands, let it dry on towel.

  • 100% wool
  • Small: cat 2-4kg (4.5-9 pounds)
    • 14-15" (36-38cm width); 7.5" (19 cm) height
  • Medium: cat 4-6kg (9-13 pounds)
    • 16-17" (41- 43cm) width, 7.8-8.5" (20-22cm) height

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Cat Cave Bed Brown 100% Wool

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